Pengxi Precision Tool & Die Co., Ltd.

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Pengxi Precision Tool & Die Co., Ltd has been established in 2004, began with tool components machining job, shifted business to metal stamping dies development and manufacturing since 2010. Pengxi owns 86 team members.

Sales distribution

75% comes from automotive tooling business in Europa , NA and Asia market;

20% domestic metal stamping job;

3% electronic tools for East south Asia market. 

United States
Spain and Czech Republic

2021 Mold sales 6,500,000 USD. Market Distribution

We develop dies for  air bag, brake, seat, lamp bulb&leg, chassis, engine, A/B pillar and etc. We mainly focus on 400T-600T-1000T-1200T press drawing parts and HSLA&DP steel parts. The mold  types are progressive, transfer and tandem metal steel and casting dies. Monthly capacity is approximate 15 sets ( evaluated by 3~5M length dies).  

Stamping production

100T-200T-300T-400T Aluminium, stainless steel, and low carbon steel (current thickest is 3.0mm).

Factory Equipment

150T~1250T press and feeder unity, CNC, grinder, driller, miller, wire cut, CMM, blue scanner… This is a factory qualified to provide standard and customized service.

Pengxi team: our designers attain more than 15 years experience, core designers own machining and tool maker knowledge, which will pragmatic your tool more proficiently. Our tool maker header has engaged in tooling line over 2 decades, master various forming ratio and flow tendency. Our tool maker team members are diligent, dedicated and vibrant. Combining theoretical and practicing solid foundation and systematical analysis kill off problems step by step until solve it. Basically achieve customer ease, factory relieve.
We deliver happiness and value to every corner of the world thru our hard work.

We have relatively stable team. All our key workers have bought apartments near our plant and set homes here, most our employees own real estate in this province, which responding to the call of country’s common prosperity, pursuing happy dwelling life together. Low employees turnover is our basis to stabilize operation, quality and relentless progress. Learn from customers especially Germany customers which represent the solidest and most comprehensive tooling craft and process. Here we especially convey our visceral respect and gratitude to our valuable Germany customer Mr. Michael Günnemann and Mr. Christoph Kemmerich. Customer leading makes us succeed and survive after one fought by one fought.
Choose Pengxi, Choose progress. You will mutually share the value created by Pengxi team!