R&D Capablity

Combine metal stamping profession and simulation, can assist customre initial part development phase, expedite customer project development

Mainly use Autoform to solve : crack, wrinkle, pile up, thinning and etc. underlying issues, optimize forming, calculate spring back and make tool surface, recheck trim and optimize process. Will use Dynaform to verify deep drawing surface.

Gripper automation: can do interference check internally and solve 99% automation issues which reduce customer review time and cost

Good at high precision deeep drawing metal parts

Design capacity

3M length tool design: 7 days 

6M length tool design: 12 days

BOM: 1~2 days

Details 2D machining drawings: 2~3 days

Machining Capacity

3M length steel plate tool: 15 working days

6M length casting tool: 45 working days

Assembly Capacity

3M length steel plate tool:
7 working days (1 tool maker)
6M length casting tool:
10 working days (2 tool makers)

Tool Development

3M length steel plate tool:
15~17 weeks from PO to tool delivery
6M length casting tool:
19~21 weeks from PO to tool delivery

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